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"We had to get down to the specifics of our vision, and how we each were going to contribute."

Chris Pennington
Managing Director ANZ

  • As part of a global expansion strategy, Cedar Software acquired an IT services business which was experiencing decelerating growth within Australia/New Zealand.
  • A new Managing Director was appointed for the region to lead, integrate and take to market the combined business, and moreover, turnaround the decline in growth.
  • To build a successful business, the Managing Director knew it was crucial to re-define their direction and for his team to get back on track and "rejuvenate."
  • The priority was to:
    • Become a cohesive, motivated, high performing team
    • Define the vision, direction and go-to-market approach as the 'new' company
    • Determine how to turn-around performance - to meet targets for the current year as well as make the longer term strategic changes

  • In close partnership with the Managing Director, Roundtable developed a rapid and effective approach to move the business forward
  • The cornerstone was a comprehensive strategic management framework, which enabled the team to understand the realities of their new business, make intelligent strategic decisions, and work as a team to execute.
  • The project culminated in a 3 day company offsite. A group facilitation approach was vital to bring the team, which normally worked in a distributed, project fashion, together "as a team" to explore ideas, surface the "real" issues and achieve consensus.
  • To support implementation and further reinforce team effectiveness, we coached the Management Team in subsequent review meetings and helped them develop an on-going governance process.

  • A comprehensive vision and plan was developed that was embraced and endorsed by everyone in the group, and seen as a true collective effort.
  • This plan did not 'sit on a shelf' once completed it defined actions, accountabilities and timeframes for business improvement. Furthermore, the team adopted it as a management framework to review business performance and track progress of longer-term change.
  • The teamwork of the Management Team improved as they worked toward the priorities they agreed with the broader group.
  • Dramatic improvements to business performance ensued within several quarters. The team not only turned-around an unprofitable position, but returned the business to growth.

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"You played a vital role in helping me to focus my attention and the attention of my Management Team on a new strategic direction.

(You) provided us with the structure and guidance to confront the important business issues and develop a shared understanding of how to move our business forward rapidly."
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Chris Pennington
Managing Director