"Jennifer Rodriguez is a skilled coach and mentor for senior managers. She cuts through mechanical techniques, tactics to get at and focus on the real person, the inner self - the core of who you really are and what makes you tick. She helps you understand your Self, how and why you respond to things, how they impact you personally. She helps you recognize what you can and can't influence. She helps you to acknowledge your personal limitations. It is an intimately personal experience - a very valuable thing to be able to do.

I felt stressed and generally ill-equipped emotionally to lead a team, when we started. As our work progressed and I became clearer about the value I add, my limitations and my spheres of influence, I became more relaxed. I appreciated the real need to create the context for others to do their work; the value of nurturing my team members and the necessity of spending the effort and time to build the individual, the team, their environment. I learned the importance of personal integrity, being clear about my own needs and those of others at work, of knowing my boundaries. I surprise myself with how robust and resilient I am even in times when boundaries are breeched...

Because I understand better who I really am, I can be myself: I create the context of my SELF at work and the role that's asked of me. Being myself I'm confident where I add value, I'm clear where my weaknesses are; I am at ease working with senior management and adopting a role as leader. I'm calm and comfortable with expecting feedback from my team - I'm upfront with what I need from them, finding out what they need from me and discussing my/their weaknesses. And people respond to this.

At ease in being my self, knowing and operating within my zone of integrity, I find it is easy to be a Leader."

J.F., Programme Manager
Large UK retailer

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