Jennifer Rodriguez acted as a coach supervisor and mentor to me as I created a change programme in order to enable the Owner-Directors to delegate more and free themselves from the day-to-day running of the business.

To do this I was required to select, install and support a new management team, each of them required initially to participate in a Leadership Development programme. I had not undertaken a change programme of this scale or run a Leadership Development programme before, and was daunted by the task. Although the goal of the task was clear, the role I would take in delivering the goal was not clearly defined, and so I turned to Jennifer to assist me.

I chose to work with Jennifer because I knew her as someone who believed strongly in worthwhile change while never pretending it was an easy task. She came with a great deal of corporate experience, and I found her familiarity with the process of change both reassuring and containing.

The organisation had undertaken to install a management team twice before and failed. Jennifer's support began by forcing me to clarify the purpose and goals of the work. And at the same time, she helped me to shape my role in supporting both the Leadership Development group and the Owner-Directors to commit to the process.

Once I embarked on the many simultaneous activities such as restructuring of the organisation, evaluating and re-engineering business processes, supporting the management team, I often became entirely overwhelmed and felt swamped by the changes to be made.

Jennifer's experience and obvious familiarity with the situations and group dynamics I often found myself battling with, as well as the feelings that arose within me from these, often steadied me. But more importantly, by asking piercing questions which cut to the point, Jennifer could lift me up so that I could get a bird's eye view of what was going on, enabling me to see different horizons, and inevitably helping me to make better business decisions.

The clarity she often brought in times of turmoil was invaluable. This and her unwavering support and belief in my ability helped me to find the capacity to keep going and not give up. With any change programme, circumstances and the picture of the organisation, its dynamics and needs, are constantly in flux with many unplanned variables short, medium and long-term, arising. Jennifer helped me structure my thinking and prioritise these variables to create next step actions which ensured the change process remained on track to achieve the business goals.

Jennifer's agenda was my success, always fixed, a reassuring constant in the midst of the messiness. She taught me that despite all the wonderful planning and goal posts we set along the way, that change is a process that requires on-going real-time evaluation and planning.

I was dubious at first whether someone outside the organisation, someone who was not involved with the people or the business itself could really understand and much less help my situation. It soon became very clear that this was not a weakness, but a huge advantage. Jennifer was able to listen to what I brought to each coaching session without any pre-conceived notions, without any other agenda except to keep forcing me to focus on what it would take to succeed and to accept elements of limitation one inevitably must work with along the way.

It was undoubtedly Jennifer's passion, clear thinking, her unwavering support, and absolute hands-on experience which kept me on track.

The programme was a real success and the Directors now have the freedom they waited for so long. The business continues to increase both its revenue and profitability despite on-going changes in the management structure, the teams, the products and the business processes. This organisation, working well under the direction and authority of the new management team, is looking forward to increased success.

I would like to sincerely thank Jennifer Rodriguez. I firmly believe that had I not been working with her during this change process, I would have thrown in the towel and deemed the project and the change process an impossibility, and a failure.

It would be my greatest pleasure to recommend Jennifer Rodriguez as a tough yet supportive coach for those embarking on either organisational or personal change."

S.G., Head of People Development
Publishing Company

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