(Speaking about Jennifer Smokevitch)

"The purpose of my email is to express my deepest gratitude to you. What you have done for our business, with our business, and equally for Dave and I personally, over the past 4 years, is beyond measure. You have helped turn One For All in to the most professional creative services business in Australia. Your enthusiasm, your professionalism, and your willingness to challenge us have helped us leap ahead to a point we never thought we could be.  

But what impresses me most of all is your knowledge of our business. You have made it your business to delve into ours, to challenge us ( even when we might not like hearing it ) to how we all think and work and play, it has been an inspiration to me personally and has made me realise this is what we have to do with our clients to be a successful operation.  

We have enjoyed working with you for the past 4 years and we look forward to working with you in the future as we evolve in to whatever it is we evolve into. That's the excitement of it all and it's very much a part of what keeps me going.

Thank you and all the best in 2007."

Rob Willett
Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director
One For All Pty Ltd

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