"Changing career is a life changing experience Jennifer Rodriguez helped me to transform my life. I was a woman, married with two young teenage boys, who had rationalized my lifestyle and career choices - perhaps settled for second best. But I knew I was dissatisfied.

Jennifer's tenacious questioning helped me to see that I could reach as high as my imagination would stretch. She helped me to understand that I was capable of more, I could achieve more, I could be more. She helped me to clarify something that I already knew but which was too close for me to do something about: my repeating pattern of taking on jobs that were too easy and not satisfying enough for me. She [Jennifer] helped me to step outside-of-the-box that I had created for myself and within which I felt I had to remain.

As I ingeniously came up with all these reasons why I couldn't; she kept asking why? Although I remember coming away from a session very unhappy with her, afterwards I got to thinking - why? I couldn't forget her questions - she helped me to face-up to my life and my dissatisfaction. She and her questions encouraged me to consider carefully my choices and to take that big first hard step along a different path of change - I decided to go back to University, even as I was nervous about this 4-year long undertaking.

And I've just graduated with a 1st class honours degree being the eldest in a class of 53 and almost winning The Business Design Center - New designer of the year 2007!

Jennifer's questioning seems to have stuck with me. I notice that I question things more - I don't accept things, whether critical or applauding, at face value. For example, in the past I would have reacted and perhaps thrown in the towel if things felt too difficult. Today I find I can stand back with confidence in my ability, my self and think through the pros and cons about things. [Jennifer's] Questioning helps me to more consciously stay outside of my comfort zone - outside of the box, a necessary pre-requisite to being successful in my chosen profession."

Moira Douglas

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