"We know Jennifer Rodriguez for trouble-shooting and helping resolve people-problems. When we’re working hard, we become wrapped up in the things we are doing now and forget about our goals going forward. Jennifer has helped us to get off the merry-go-round and take stock of our business. Acting as a facilitator, Jennifer brought us together and helped us think, discuss and share our ideas for our business in a clear, logical way. She helps people break down barriers, unblock situations enabling us and the business to move forward. We were then able to develop our own shared, common goals and appreciate the value of proper communication – where we set time aside to sit down and think about where the business is going.

As a result, we know we both want the same things for the business which reinforces our trust in each other. Trust is important - it means that we're happy to delegate and split responsibilities because we’re acting in the best interests of L&T."

Maureen Lamburn & Beverley Turner
Lamburn & Turner (L&T, Professional Services)

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