March 16, 2010

"Working with Roundtable Consulting has meant that we now have a clear strategy for the Asia Pacific business of where we are headed and how we will get there.  My leadership team is extremely committed to this journey, our employees are engaged and the process has helped to bring about a significant shift in culture and performance.

When I came on board to head the region nearly 18 months ago, the business was struggling to establish itself.  Working with Jennifer we devised a new vision and established growth targets.  One of our key challenging ambitions is to become ‘the most sought after and desirable place to work in Informatica.’ From where we were I could see that this would be a real test of whether we could achieve significant transformation.  I can now see this clearly beginning to occur as employees in other regions proactively seek us out for the first time.   Our business has grown dramatically despite the global economic conditions.

Without Jennifer/Roundtable I still would have ensured we developed and documented a strategy to succeed. However I believe it would have taken us a lot longer to get there and likely be less comprehensive and probably cost more in lost time and wasted effort.  The tenacity and guidance of Jennifer/Roundtable kept us on track through the process and past the low inertia points. In a short timeframe we have achieved a widely adopted and comprehensive strategy that has unified the team.

If you want to accelerate the growth and performance of your business, I can strongly recommend you speak to Jennifer and Roundtable Consulting Partners."

Graham Sowden
Senior Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific and Japan

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