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- Building a new management team

"I was required to select, install and support a new management team, each of them required initially to participate in a Leadership Development programme"

Head of People Development

  • The 2nd generation of Directors of a family-owned publishing business wanted to free themselves from the day-to-day running of the business
  • To accomplish this, they sought to install a new management team for the organisation, requiring each member to participate in a leadership development programme
  • S.G. was responsible for selecting, installing and supporting the new team and had never undertaken anything on this scale before, nor had she developed and executed a Leadership Development programme!
  • The directors had tried to install a management team twice before and failed.
  • Although the goal was clear, S.G.'s role was not. So S.G. turned to Jennifer Rodriguez for assistance - in the first instance as a coach/mentor and as the work progressed as a coach supervisor as S.G. became the coach for the management team.

  • Working with S.G over a period of 18 months, our very early sessions focused on:

    • Helping S.G. define a purpose and goals, her role, a high-level change programme, the changing roles and responsibilities of the management team and the directors and to think thought the consequences.
    • Working through what S.G. needed to do to garner real commitment from the Directors and at a detailed level to support the individuals undergoing the Leadership Development programme.
  • As S.G.'s work began to bite, our sessions needed to include helping her to contain feelings – hers and those organisation-wide - stirred up by the organisational change. These feelings, typical in change, are oftentimes very difficult to manage without them taking over.

    • Simultaneously, Jennifer worked with S.G. to structure her thinking and prioritise so that she could respond to the organisation dynamically re-deploying efforts in REAL-TIME as needed whilst keeping a focus and direction.
  • In later sessions, as S.G.'s role evolved into being the coach to the new team, our work focused more on helping S.G. to develop her own coaching capability and resilience capacity whilst drawing out organisational learning and systemic issues.

  • The Directors and management team deem the programme as a real success

    • The Directors have the freedom they wished for.
    • The new management team is working well in directing and shaping the business despite on-going change.
    • The business continues to grow profitably.
  • Even though S.G. feels she achieved the impossible, Jennifer felt confident that S.G. could and would achieve this success for her organisation.



"By asking piercing questions which cut to the point, Jennifer could lift me up so that I could get a bird’s eye view of what was going on … and inevitably helping me to make better business decisions."
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Head of People Development